Active student


Besides that Front is committed to every student at Tilburg University, we mainly focus on students who consciously go ‘the extra mile’. Nowadays, it is often not enough to study exclusively, students have to distinguish themselves. Through an active attitude, these students create channels for themselves and others.

But who are those students who consciously ‘go the extra mile? Front sees an active student as a student who:

• made a conscious choice to do more than is purely necessary for his or her studies;
• Develops himself by developing activities on personal and academic subjects;

• Is positively distinguished from fellow students by the commitment to and result of his or her studies;
• Makes an extra contribution to the university community through his or her efforts and activities.

Front therefore considers it very important that the opportunities for an active student life remain alongside your studies and will always continue to work towards this.

This means that efforts are made in the area of facilities, support and guidance to make this possible.