8. Claire Geisler

Claire Geisler


Hi, my name is Claire! I’m on the list of Fraction Front! Front stands for the active student. Apart from my studie, I’m active at T.S.V. Plato. I do committee work there and I’m a member of sorority Furiae. I think it’s important that students get the opportunity to become active while studying, because I have experienced that it is an enrichment of your time as a student. That’s the reason why I want to make this possible for every student. Apart from that, it’s a fact that becoming active while studying looks good on your resume! My main focuses for this election help in making this possible; no mandatory presence and participation grades and no education and exams in the evening! In the aspect of Internationalisation, I also think it’s important that the selection for exchanges isn’t determined by average grade, but mainly by motivation letter. Furthermore, I think it’s very important that the sports centre is expanded and that it’s visible in the UVT app where there are spots available in the library: also the places that are reserved but people don’t show up to!

The elections are 21,22 and the 23rd of April. Do you agree with these points? Vote for me!