Why Front?


Front was founded in 2006 by three students because up till then, there was only one student party in the University Council and students had nothing to choose. Kristian van Bockel, Christiaan Westgeest en Didier Deurloo wanted to change that. One of their motives was to create competition between the student parties to keep each other on edge.


Besides a clear motive, these three students also had a clear vision in mind which is still seen in everything Front does. We operate through the general philosophy of the ‘Active Student’. Furthermore, our vision exists of three pillars: living campus, internationalization and digitalisation. 

Active student

Active Student

It is important that every student is facilitated to be active besides his or her education



Internationalisation works in two ways. International students that come to study here and also Dutch students who want to study abroad



Digitalisation enhances the quality of education and offers flexible education to students that wish to become active


Living Campus

The compact campus of Tilburg University is unique in The Netherlands and this campus is as a place where students should have their best student time