7. Jan Poels

Jan Poels


Hey guys, my name is Jan Poels and I was born 20 years ago in the picturesque village of America, situated in the north in Limburg (which is, in fact, still part of the Netherlands). After 18 years of fun, excitement and studying in this beautiful area, I have decided to move all this goodness to Tilburg University, where I enrolled into IBA and moved into a student dorm.

Fast forward to now, and I am in my 3rd (but definitely not last) year of IBA. During this student time, I have been lucky enough to help other students through organisations like: (including but not limited to) I*esn, Asset IBM and Front in several committees and programs.

This extracurricular activity is honestly what I’ve liked most (and what I will remember later) about my student life. Getting to know new people and expanding your skill- and mindset are only a few of the benefits I believe being active alongside you studies will give you.

Of course, being an active student isn’t restricted to only doing committees and board years. It could also mean doing internships, creating your own startup, participating in top (e)-sports and god knows what else.

Therefore, I believe that the university should be as supporting as possible to students who pursue their own ideas. Through (once more, including but not limited to) digitalisation of students’ work and providing campus facilities.

If you believe this as well, vote number #7 of Front!